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Loosely based on “The House of Bernarda Alba” by Federico Garcia Lorca, Silencio is a visual poem at the intersection of the circus, puppetry and music. The show evokes the closed doors of the House of Alba, in love fantasies of cloistered women, the tyranny of Bernarda, the call of desire, the weight of religion.

Living shadows, aerial choreographies on thus far and insistent rhythms… puppets, models and actors blend into different characters and draw a sensitive and dreamlike universe, a tribute to the poetry of Lorca.

WRITING, choreography, staging: Eros P Galvão and Alejandro Núñez Flores

MUSICAL creation and INTERPRETATION: Cécile Audebert

ARTISTIC team: Aurélie Horde, Alejandro Núñez Flores, Eros P Galvão

LIGHT: Bertrand Dubois

SOUND: Jean-Pierre Legrand

DESIGN puppets, set design: Maria Adelia, Alejandro Núñez and Eros P Galvão

PHOTOGRAPHY: Franck Petricenko, Palazón, Astrid di Crollalanza BM

Freely inspired by Federico Garcia Lorca’s The House of Bernada Alba, Silencio is a visual poem woven from aerial dance, puppetry and music. The show evokes the closed world of Alba’s house, the cloistered daughters’ fantasies of love, Bernada’s tyranny, the call of desire and the weight of religion.

Shadow-play follows aerial choreography against a background of haunting, incantatory rhythms… life-size puppets and actors blend, becoming different characters, creating a subtle and dream-like universe, a tribute to Lorca’s poetry.

DRAMATURGY, CHOREOGRAPHY and DIRECTION – Eros Galvão and Alejandro Núñez

MUSIC and PERFORMANCE – Cécile Audebert

ARTISTIC TEAM: Aurélie Horde, Alejandro Núñez, Eros Galvão


SOUND: Xavier Collet

PUPPETS and SET-DESIGN: Maria Adélia and Alejandro Núñez

DIRECTION AND DRAMATURGY: Eros P. Galvão e Alejandro Núñez Flores

ARTISTIC TEAM: Lenuta Dorobantu, Sorin Dorobantu, P. Galvão, Alejandro Núñez Flores Eros e Sigfrido Riveira

MUSIC: Denis Verdier

PUPPET design: Eros P. Galvão, Alejandro Núñez Flores

PUPPET CONSTRUCTORS: Teatro de Marionetes Arad-Romenia

CLOTHES: Maria Adélia e Dialo Lynn

ACCESSORIES AND MASKS: Claudine Martin, Maria Adélia Sigfrido e Rivera


PHOTOGRAPHY: Franck Petricenko, BM Palazón and Astrid di Crollalanza