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“Sublime Silencio, which, evoking the world of Federico Garcia Lorca, offers a totally magical show. Acrobatic silks are juxtaposed with manipulations of life-sized puppets. Obsessive and repetitive dances are supported by eerie contemporary music. And despite (or thanks to) moments of silence, the drama unfolds amongst cotton sheets… Beautiful performances which are both poetic and spectacular… And finally, when the actors take off their masks, we are left speechless: how is it possible to play all those roles and manipulate all those characters? That must be Silencio’s secret.

Emmanuel Viau

DNA – Saverne – Sarre-Union n°183


“(…) This adaptation is made up of technical feats which give way to poetry, emotion and meaning. Happy Lorca. Happy those who can say I saw it !”

Alain Pécoult

L’Hebdo Vaucluse, Le Comtadin

“(…) Here is an elaborate artistic work, with a language of clarity. It radiates intensity. No need for the spoken word, everything has meaning, everything leads to the inevitable end.”

Jacques Barbarin

Le Patriote Hebdo

“Without words (…) Silencio is a poetic and captivating tribute to Lorca’s work.”

Anne Clausse

Rue du Théâtre

“(…) It’s a terrific success : we are caught up in this world of mourning women, who are cloistered and castrated by religion and their domineering mother. But these women have dreams and desires. The actor-puppeteers and actor-aerial artists bring an incredible visual dimension, and constitute a strong symbolic power (…)”

Dimanche Vaucluse

“(…)Yes, Silencio is a piece that will surprise you. It’s a visual poem, which combines circus skills, acrobatics and aerial dance. A magical world is created. You wonder, afterwards, with tears in your eyes, if it was real. A completely original adaptation, Silencio is a tribute to the work of Garcia Lorca (…)

Nathalie Iisraelian

“(…)Silencio, excellent theatre with a circus flavour. (…) Silencio immerses the spectator in a strange universe, where tragedy and comedy are never far apart. A beautiful tribute to Federico Garcia Lorca…”

Ouest France