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The Company

By adding up individual career paths, both rich and varied, mixing different artistic disciplines enriched through experiences, numerous meetings and adventures, Les Trois Clés theatre company was born. A group of hybrid artists, creators, acrobats, dancers, puppeteers searching for a balance between the questioning of today’s world and the effervescence of new artistic forms.

Les Trois Clés theatre company develops a stage research focused on gesture and image, reinventing a universal, sensitive and immediate theatre language. Its wordless performances – at the crossroad between circus, marionettes, dance and music – deal with humanistic contemporary themes.

Closely connected to each show’s topic are the cultural and social events the company creates and attends, thus meeting different audiences and cultures.

The company was created in 2006 by Eros P Galvão and Alejandro Flores, from Brazil and Chile respectively, dancers and actors who have been living in France since 1990. They explore a stage art resembling “work in progress”, with both a pedagogical and creative aim, always involving new places and new cultures.

The group has been touring since 2006 in France, New Caledonia, Europe and South America. For the performance La Gigantea, the company works with Arad Puppet Theatre through the participation of the actorspuppeteers Lenuta and Sorin Dorobantu, and by creating the marionettes made in the workshops of the Romanian theatre.

Silencio is the first performance of the company, on tour since 2006.

La Gigantea, mixing theatre, dance, circus and marionettes was commissioned for the Festival Equinoxe in New Caledonia.

Buster Keaton´s Last Walk was produced i 2014.