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“This performance reflects on two internationally sensitive subjects: the division of water resources and child soldiers. The show’s beauty stems from the confluence of the diverse group of artists it reunites. Every gesture is choreographed, be it in the air or on the ground. The result is a gentle and poetic performance.”

Rue du Théâtre-Paris

 “A gigantic success for the marionettes. A fantastic story taking place in a fabulous scenery, where the characters are extraordinary and original marionettes, behind which are hidden women and men. They give life to those and take the public in another world full of emotions.”

La Provence


“…human marionettes in a staggeringly beautiful scenography that will take our breath away.”



“The magic of theatre bedazzled the public. In the universal language of drama, the Trois Cles company provokes emotions and awakens consciences.” Le Dauphiné Libéré


”La Gigantea – a ray of hope in a cruel world. The audience discovered a fantastic world inhabited by marionettes, dancers and musicians. A beautiful performance which touched the pubic with a marionettes show touching on two sensitive subjects: the lack of water and the child soldiers.”Midi Libre


“…a story speaking with a child’s heart to us, the grown-ups.”Falmag


“The Trois Clés company creates an art of moving in which actors and marionettes mix together. A show without words, in a fascinating visual and musical universe.” La Marseillaise


“La Gigantea, a world between reality and fiction. Atypical and hybrid show, a performance all sound and music. Everything is musical and gestural, performed by marionettes manipulated by actors, in a continuous confusion between reality and fiction.” DNA – Phalsbourg


“A colourful show, taking about essential subjects of our world. A dance and a trance, a beautiful energy.” Vivantmag


“A fantastic story and a moving voyage thanks to an alchemic mixture of different arts.” La Manche Libre

“Theatre to get indignant. Two companies share their views and Amnesty supports them. Their theatre is a surprised cry when faced to the harshness of today’s world. They want to touch an audience of all ages, in a playful manner.” La Provence

 “You are not watching « Envoyé Spécial » on TV or touring one of these far away countries going off the rails, you are at the theatre, the kind of theatre which is lively, total and for all ages mixing all forms of theatre, from circus to music via dance and great puppets whose heads are made of gourds.”

 Latin America Square in Avignon 2009. A show has retained our attention: the Gigantea, wonderfully humane and ecological, a show without words which talks to us adults from the hearts of children. “The show the Gigantea is a real drama lesson, starting with the music, the decor, the puppets, the whole artistic concept and the message it conveys.” Lata lumea, Alba-Iulia, Romania

“The impressive show the Gigantea is a parable talking about war and peace, life and fate, drawing our attention to the damages of dictatorship.” Informatia de Alba, Romania