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La Gigantea

In an imaginary country, Makou and his mother live in the desert. Every day, they go in search of a water to survive. One day, Makou is kidnapped  by a tyrant, the chief of an army of hybrid beings (half- men, half-animals). Forced to enlist, he becomes a child soldier. His life becomes a series of rituals to survive, and he is forced to wander. His innocence fades away. His hunger and thirst are severe and there is turmoil everywhere. But the child is haunted by a dream : where to find The Gigantea again, a root that provides water : blue gold.

This fantastical story offers an original and moving journey without words told by crossing different arts: circus, puppets and music. A dialogue between two animated and inanimated worlds. Actors, puppets, objects and the set all act as many characters and set the stage. Acrobatics and dance create « writing through movement » and enable the performers to develop emotions and create a transposed theatricality of gesture. The players in our tale are constantly transforming themselves: they are characters, objects and decor at the same time. Music also sets the story’s tempo, intensifies the action and creates emotions.